In conclusion

buzzbait for bass fishing

Though it may be a bit intimidating at first to fish at night, it’s well worth giving it a shot in the spring since the boat pressure is usually a good bit lighter and the big ones are up shallow just like they are during the day. That’s the real key, just try to take the night part right out of the equation from the get go.

Try to fish like it’s a low-visibility situation during the day, like fishing muddy water. Target the bass around the same areas you’d think they’d be spawning if it was light out. Use baits that do a good job of either drawing a fish’s attention or baits that very effectively cover the area.

If you fish slow, fish the same areas you would during the day and pick baits that give the fish a good chance to locate them, you’re off to a great start. You’ll likely put a big spawning bass in the boat at night in no time.