In conclusion

professional fisherman john crews holding a bass

For many of us, the idea of a “perfect set up” like this is a little bit out of reach financially at this point in time. It is interesting, however, to hear the insights of a professional fisherman break down exactly why he prefers one company’s technology to another. In time, the technology will become more readily available and comparable from one company to another and competition should, in theory, drive the price down a bit.

If you are at a place where you can afford to rig your boat anyway you want, you have lots of options out there these days. Hopefully this insight from Crews will help you understand more about each product.

But remember, the technology is ever evolving. Just as soon as this piece is published, additional research will likely be necessary to ensure one of these front runners haven’t introduced a new piece of hardware or some software update that has elevated their game to a whole new level.

The arms race is still going strong. What will they think of next?