In conclusion

black bean rig for bass fishing

I’ll go ahead and step out on a limb here and say it: The Black Bean Rig is going to be the next big thing. The key reason is that the Ryugi Black Bean Tungsten Sliding Sinker can be used to modify a lot of current techniques that are already prevalent bass catchers.

What I would consider the basic Black Bean Rig is nothing more than a traditional Texas rig that’s rigged with a Black Bean Sliding Sinker. But changing this one key element makes for a much more efficient punch rig than a traditional Texas-rigged punch weight and makes for a much more sensitive Texas rig for casting than a traditional bullet-weighted Texas rig.

But in addition to the basic Black Bean Rig, there are ways to use a modified Black Bean Rig to create a better version of a Free Rig and short Carolina Rig, by adjusting the number and position of the bobber stoppers that hold the weight in place. We didn’t even discuss in this piece how the basic Black Bean Rig even makes for a better wobble head, as it’s a bit more sensitive even still than this bait.

That’s the thing with something this new. As more people start to experiment with the Black Bean Rig, it will continue to evolve and showcase ways where it sets itself apart from other techniques and puts the exclamation point on some of the old ones.

One thing’s for sure, as I stated early on in this piece, I think this is one you’re going to want to try out for yourself.