In conclusion

soft plastic swimbait for bass fishing

Whether you’re looking for a swimbait to get bit in fresh or salt water, the MinnowZ give you a durable and bite size bait to get the job done. A great soft plastic to be fished on a jighead, the MinnowZ can be fished solo or as a group on an umbrella rig. And because of the durability and stretch of the ElaZtech material they’re made of, these baits last a long time. This is why they make for one of the best trailers in my opinion for vibrating jigs and spinnerbaits.

Whether fishing for bass or any variety of other fish, you get a good bit of bang for your buck with a 6-pack of these baits for $3.99. The price per bait is comparable to lots of other small swimbaits, but where the MinnowZ really stand out is in the “bites per bait” category. Because of their durability, these 6 baits will last as long as dozens of other baits made with less durable plastic, leading to more bites while spending less money and less time re-rigging. The MinnowZ are worth giving a try in my opinion for sure.

The Z-Man MinnowZ is available at the following online retailers: