In conclusion

two bass fishing hooks

“Terminal tackle” is a phrase we should use loosely these days. Lots of this stuff can be used time and time again, some year after year. Deciding what to keep and what to let go is a case-by-case deal. There’s no need to recycle every bobber stopper for instance, but keeping a sewing needle in your box will extend the life span of those last few until you can restock. And when it comes to anything with a hook in it, make sure the bend hasn’t lost its integrity and the hook point is still sharp and you’re good to go there.

Whatever you decide to save, make a serious effort to dry it off first. Then use preventative methods like rust inhibitors or perhaps a little oil to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Lastly, once you take those high-end painted products out of their original packaging, you gotta protect that paint job. Use foam or plastic to either position the tackle to where it can’t touch other hard surfaces or even wrap it up to create an extra layer of protection. Using these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to stretch your dollar further, stress less and get more out of your terminal tackle this season.