In conclusion

new bass fishing rig in package

Along with the Cat 3 Tackle Bladed Teaser, you’ll receive a little card that illustrates how to rig it using a bobber stopper, teaser, bead and swivel. You should be able to figure out several other ways to use the teaser as well based on this piece and a little creativity on your end. The teaser comes one to a pack along with six bobber stoppers and is priced at $6.99.

The biggest thing you’ll have to watch with this product is not putting it up wet. But if you take care of it and dry it off after each trip, I believe one will last you quite a while. The wide array of baits with which you can use this product make it one of the most versatile items on the market today. Don’t be scared to try it with anything.

I was quick to judge it when I saw it for the first time, but was almost immediately made a believer in it that day and in my personal experience since.

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