In conclusion

largemouth bass with spinnerbait in mouth

There’s a lot that goes into picking out the right trailer for your spinnerbait, but don’t let it be overwhelming; just think in terms of size and resistance. The bigger, bulkier soft plastics will add to the profile and resistance of your spinnerbait, which helps when trying to create a presentation bass can track down in cold and/or low-visibility situations. The more you move away from those conditions towards more aggressive bass that are able to get a bead on a bait in clear water, the more you’ll want to tighten up the action of the bait and speed up the retrieve.

The main no-no is pairing a trailer that slows your bait down with a spinnerbait you want to fish faster. Doing this will cause your bait to rise in the water column and hurt the overall presentation. Going in the other direction, it’s okay to use a smaller trailer with a spinnerbait you want to fish slow as long as the blades offer enough resistance on their own. But if you need to slow the bait down even more, adding a big bulky twin-tail grub will help you do just that. Take these tips and apply them the next time you’re selecting a spinnerbait trailer and hopefully they’ll help you catch more fish!