In conclusion

trailer options for bass fishing buzzbaits

There are countless soft plastics to try on the back of a buzzbait now. Different styles, colors and actions all bring something to the table. But if you’ll try these four baits out, you’ll find that you have a little something capable of drawing a strike no matter how finicky the bass are. Start with the toad, remembering that its greatest contribution is its ability to skip under cover. If you’re fishing open water or sparse cover and the bass won’t commit to the toad, try falling back to a swimbait.

If the swimbait is still a bit much for them, slip it off and slide on a soft-plastic jerkbait. This is usually as far as I’ll go towards the finesse end of the spectrum when fishing a soft plastic on a buzzbait. But if I’m feeling nostalgic, or if you’re fishing a pond or somewhere else that you’re encountering a tough bite, don’t be shy to try a split-tail trailer on the back of a skirtless buzzbait. It’s paid off big in the past for pops. The proof is in the pudding as they say, whatever that means. Best I can tell, try “pudding” one of these soft plastics on the back of a buzzbait and see if you don’t get bit. Man… that one was a stretch… even for me.