In conclusion


To put it simply, fish will be all over the place in the coming weeks and months. The prespawn really scatters fish out but also groups them back together. There will be windows where most of the transitional fish in your area are on the move and most of the resident fish are either in the mood to spawn or not. It can happen quick up shallow and be over with, so one week you might wreck them in an area and the next not get a bite.

On the other hand, some fish using these transitional highways may make their way all the way back to the backs of these pockets and creeks to spawn, while others may just pull up to the channel swing bank and spawn by a log or on a shelf. Even then, others are likely to jump up on the bank and spawn anywhere in between. The key is putting yourself in the best situation to get bit based on the current conditions. If you time it right, you can catch the resident fish shallow first and then fall back to the transitional fish that are tagging right along behind them.

Regardless of which group of fish you choose to target, the prespawn is the best time of year to catch the most big fish. They are fat and aggressive and fun to tie into. Just don’t let the prespawn sneak up on you and pass right by. It’s time to go get after them.