In conclusion


The Fat Ika from Gary Yamamoto is a very effective bait at getting bit. And it’s a bait that brings with it a good hookup ratio. Both of those are made possible by the softness of the bait. Which, yes, leads to using several baits. But if you’re going through baits quickly, that means you’re catching fish. So it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

In plenty of proven colors, the Fat Ika gives you a versatile bait that you can use to mimic the majority of what a fish will find along the bottom. You could rig this bait a half-dozen ways and truly be able to target fish setting up in as many different locations. Pitch a Texas rigged Fat Ika to a stump, punch one through a mat, drag it on a Carolina rig over a gravel bar, rig it backwards on a wobble head and pull it across a current swept point, you get the idea. There’s a ton you can do with this bait to offer something different to almost any soft-plastic presentation. 

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