In conclusion


Whether fished alone or as a trailer, the Mini Kickin’ B offers something a little different. On its own, you’ve got a small bait with a lot of action helping you dial into a sweet spot somewhere between power and finesse. But when you slip this bait on the back of something else is where it truly starts to shine.

The Mini Kickin’ B makes the perfect trailer for certain baits, marrying the right elements of a longer, slimmer swimbait and the beefier wider chunk in those situations. Baits like a ChatterBait and swim jig come to mind first, but this tailer option also works well on buzzbaits and night blades. Any bait where you’re looking for a trailer that will slow the bait down a little and help it ride higher in the water column without bulking the bait up too much, that’s the equation the NetBait Mini Kickin’ B solves every time. 

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