In conclusion


Having a plug knocker handy has probably saved me a few hundred bucks by now and quite a bit of cussing. But it’s those invaluable baits that really make you appreciate a good plug knocker when you need it. That one crankbait they’ve sanded the paint off of with their teeth. The one that has long since been blind in one eye, an eye lost in a great battle with a big one years ago. A crankbait that, though your not superstitious, you fully believe has the ability to get bit when others, seemingly just like it, can’t.

That’s the real value in having a plug knocker handy. You just ease up to the cover, drop it down and reel your bait back up. Otherwise, you’ll be standing there contemplating how deep you can swim in 45-degree water. Let me answer that for you… cut your losses. Better yet, just go ahead and put a few plug knockers in the boat right now before your hardheaded self is faced with that situation and you decide to take the plunge.