In conclusion


The Nichols Skipper Jig is an extremely effective workhorse that stays rigged up on one of my rods in almost every tournament I fish. It’s the easiest bait I’ve ever tried to skip and has an effective and well positioned hook that translates into a good hookup ratio. Converting bites into bass in the boat is the main objective and this jig is up for the task.

With the Skipper Jig, Nichols gives you enough material to modify the bait however you wish but not so much that you can’t just fish it straight out of the pack. An innovative and extremely effective trailer keeper would be the main focus of other baits, but with the Skipper Jig it’s just icing on an already delicious cake. This bait really is one of my favorites over the last couple years and one I’d highly recommend if you’re having a hard time skipping. With a little practice, this bait will help elevate your game to a whole new level.