In conclusion


This is one of those baits I’m glad I got to test. The Noi-Z 105F impressed me and also set me back on fire for the whole wake bait genre. With 5 color options ranging from translucent shad patterns to more solid shad and bluegill colors, there’s something there to mimic nearly any fish that would make a wake a long the surface. These colors give you options for a wide variety of water clarities.

A solid build with strong components, Duel did a great job creating a unique sounding bait capable of drawing big strikes while still not overlooking the smaller fish either. With an MSRP of $19.99, the Noi-Z 105F offers a quality bait at a reasonable price and is one of the baits I have enjoyed reviewing the most as of late. Well done. 

The Hardcore Noi-Z 105F is available at