In conclusion


All that being said, you’re still going to lose a few baits, even with this new system. But I do believe the Crossover Pliers and Rings are the best options I’ve found for wacky and Neko rigging. Having the various colors and especially the 5 different sizes gives you a greater chance to really dial in the exact right ring for your desired presentation.

I really like the compartments in the handles too. Most of us are creatures of habit and likely only use a couple different style worms for wacky and Neko rigging. Once you figure out the exact ring you need for each technique, you can conveniently keep them separated and stashed right there in the handles of the Crossover Pliers. Then when you do need to rig, everything is right there at your fingertips.

The Crossover Pliers and Rings are durable and solve a problem; that makes them an easy buy in my opinion. At $14.99 for the pliers and first 4 rings, they’re a bit of an investment. The additional rings come in packs of 10 for $4.49. But considering a pack of worms can easily cost $5 to $10 nowadays, these things will pay for themselves pretty quickly. And after that, they’re not only saving you money but precious rigging time on the water as well.

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