In conclusion


The end result? I was impressed with the Fusion19 Weighted Frog Hook from Berkley. It is a far superior hook in strength and quality compared to the other double frog hook I tried in the past. A frog hook absolutely needs to be able to stand up to big fish, since that’s the primary thing I’m going after when I fish a toad. I now have confidence in this hook being able to do that.

In addition, it’s an effective hook when rigged properly to not only hook and land fish but also to conserve soft-plastic baits and save some money. The weighted version of this hook wouldn’t be my first choice when fishing in cool, open-water scenarios. Though Berkley does make this same hook in an unweighted version that would be great for that.

But open-water fishing wasn’t what the Fusion19 Weighted Frog Hook was made for. Instead, it was created to take a toad into and through dense cover to pull out big bass and I believe it’s capable of doing just that for you should you choose to use it. If you are interested, they come in a 4/0 and 5/0 size, both with an 1/8-ounce of lead attached and two per pack for $5.99.

The Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Frog Hook is available at