In conclusion


The Bagley Baits Balsa Sunny B is Canterbury’s go-to finesse crankbait. Throughout the year, if Canterbury needs a bait to closely mimic a small baitfish in a high-visibility situation, one of the two Sunny Bs is what he’s reaching for. But in the cold in particular, he’ll have both the shallow-and medium-diving Sunny B tied on and ready to deploy.

Looking for whatever cover he can find, Canterbury lets the Sunny B do what it does best. He doesn’t employ a lot of action and instead slowly cranks the bait down and lets the subtle, tight action of the bait do all the work. This is essential when targeting bass in cold water as the cold-blooded animals are in a rather docile state. Still, despite their attempt to sit still and conserve energy, little finesse crankbaits like the Sunny B are often the perfect bait to unlock those jaws.