In conclusion


I’m glad I gave the Fast Vibe Worm a solid chance for the last several fishing trips. It’s a durable worm that’ll hold its own against multiple fish catches, being fished through vegetation and those pesky bluegill bites. If the bass are shallow, I’m fairly certain you can expect to get bit on this awesome little worm. It produces plenty of bites; that’s for sure.

The Fast Vibe is a well designed, durable bait that catches fish. Its size and action lends it to several different applications and make it a very versatile bait that can catch big ones and small ones alike, in clean water or dirty, on aggressive bites and high-pressure days. It’s just a good middle-ground bait that lands well between finesse and power. I certainly recommend giving it a try.

The Culprit Fast Vibe Worm is available here