In conclusion


So there are a few options for you to try this fall. All these baits will work throughout the fall and even into early winter. But these five baits with small blades shine particularly bright when the shad are so thick you’d think you could walk on the water.

Using a shad imitating bait to offer the bass what they’re already looking for is important. But doing something slightly different with it is key. Pump and pause spinnerbaits, lipless cranks and blade baits to mimic a struggling shad. Skip spoons along the surface to mimic a shad trying to escape. Play with the color choices of your Rooster Tail if you’re not getting bit. Do something to help your lure stand out and convince the bass that your bait is the one in a thousand that they have the best chance to catch. And if you sell it well, you’ll have them in the boat in no time.