In conclusion


If we wanted to get creative, there are dozens of ways to break a rod. But these three we’ve discussed today are pretty common and can sneak up on even an experienced angler fairly easily. Knowing how to swing a fish properly and how to attempt to pull your bait free correctly will instantly eliminate a lot of the risk you’ll have on the water of breaking a rod.

Then just being keenly aware of the hazards within your boat will help minimize the risks as well. Watch out for compartment lids, cleats and handles and you’ll have identified a lot of the most heart breaking, rod breaking culprits in your rig. Not to mention your buddy’s big, clumsy feet again.

Keeping a cautious eye on all these things will hopefully help you learn some of these lessons the easy way, through the humbling mishaps of your fellow angler and favorite outdoor writer. Or a favorite outdoor writer of yours at least if you will, and I hope you will.