In conclusion


So yeah, the obvious and most effective choice would be to take the tutelage if it’s available to you. But there’s not going to be a hammer in our lives for every technique. My dad taught me a ton about power fishing in dirty water, Howes taught me how to punch, a few others along the way have helped me dial in a particular technique or two… but the rest comes from using these other simple tips to build confidence.

In order to gain confidence in a new bait, it’s extremely important to commit to it. Don’t give yourself an out. Make sure you’re putting yourself in a good situation to get several bites. If you’re not, it’s best just to hold off on using that new bait so you don’t damage the confidence that you do have in it. And lastly you should control all the variables you can. When I went punching with Rich, I didn’t take a 7-foot medium heavy. I had a 7-foot, 8-inch extra heavy rod, 65-pound test Sufix 832 Braid, a 4/0 VMC Heavy Duty Flippin’ Hook and a 1 1/2-ounce tungsten weight.

I controlled the variables I could control. All of these things will help you build confidence in the next bait you want to try.