In conclusion


A solid hook, extra sharp point and great design. The Lazer Trokar EWG Worm Hook leaves nothing to be desired if you’re looking for a quality weapon to add to your arsenal. It’s a great hook for finesse to midrange soft plastic tactics with a big brother available in the MagWorm EWG if you need it.

Yes, the price point is a little higher than most hooks. But many anglers don’t know that this is one of the only hooks Made in the USA anymore. The Trokar hooks are all sourced and made in Colorado. 

The hook is the most critical part of most soft-plastic presentations, second only perhaps to the line in particularly finesse situations. So a strong, sharp hook you can rely on is worth the investment, especially to anglers who have been bit before by a bad hook. 

You can find the Lazer Trokar EWG Worm Hook here: