In conclusion


Again, you have to make the most of a shad spawn while you can. Though I got those bites on a frog in practice, I actually caught all my fish off the shad spawn in the tournament on a spinnerbait. That’s one great way to make the most of it; pick a subsurface bait that you’ll get several bites on and have a better hookup ratio with instead of choosing to throw a topwater like a Spook that fish have to do a little more to commit to and you’re more likely to lose one on. Though sometimes something like a Spook is all they’ll hit, so you just kind of have to make the most of it in every situation.

Then, after that bite dies, do like Jenny wanted to in Forrest Gump and run far… far far away. Find a completely different section of the fishery where the fish are in a completely different phase and you’ll be more likely to scratch out a few more bites throughout the day. Because again, those fish full of shad are hard to get to bite. If by some chance you have figured out how to catch shad spawn fish during the day, I highly suggest you keep that information to yourself, log off whatever device you’re reading this article on right now and go enter as many tournaments as you can find for the next few weeks.

And then shoot me a DM on the secret. You can trust me with it, just no one else.