Impressive sensitivity


Whether you’re using the heavy-action model or the medium-heavy models, I think you’ll really enjoy the amount of sensitivity this rod series offers. I let my wife, who fishes all the time with me, try it last week and she fell in love with the 7-foot, 3-inch medium heavy I mentioned. She was winging a medium-diving crankbait all around the place and she literally turned around, smiled at me and said, “Welp, I just got me a new rod.”

She and I both agree that the sensitivity is really what sets these rods apart from some others at this price point. I can feel every blade of grass my crankbait knocks against and I can feel whenever my crankbait misses a thump. Lots of times, especially in the summer and winter, big bass will get your plug from behind, which causes the bite to feel very subtle to the angler. I’ve had that type of bite several times when I was testing this rod and I’ve had no problem detecting them.

For bottom-contact baits, I tend to notice most of the sensitivity in the blank-thru reel seat. There’s no delay between a fish inhaling your jig and you feeling the bite.