Impressive drag system

lew's bass fishing reel

Plainly stated, you’re not going to find a bass that will overpower this particular drag system. It’s a 20-pound carbon fiber system that, when cinched down, stays locked and won’t let bass gain an inch in thick cover. If you’re fishing a more open-water scenario and prefer to loosen the drag a bit, you’ll be impressed by how well it dispenses line when a bass takes a quick, boat-side dive.

I’ve tested a lot of meaty drag systems throughout my career and many of them tend to lack the finesse that’s often required for many techniques. I haven’t had that issue whatsoever with the Lew’s Mach Crush SLP Casting Reel so far. I’ve caught some pretty nice striped bass on them too a few months ago and as you know, those can be the ultimate test for a freshwater drag system. The line came off the spool quickly and easily with no delay, allowing my treble hooks to stay safely buried in the mouth without bending or breaking the hooks.