Impressive casting distance

the spool of a bass fishing spinning reel

The Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Reel features something called a Rocket spool lip design. Essentially, the upper lip of the spool is tapered outward which makes a very noticeable difference in regards to casting distance. Instead of a hard edge that would normally cause a lot of line slap on both the spool lip and the rod blank, this particular feature allows the line to leave the spool with much less resistance which, in turn, results in much longer casts. You don’t hear your line whipping around and even with super lightweight baits, you’re able to enjoy effortless casting.

I used to fish as a co-angler in tournaments when I was a teenager and I would bring about three extra spinning reels and put ’em in my tackle bag. Those older spinning reels didn’t have this type of tapered lip and if you fished in any type of wind throughout the day, you were pretty much guaranteed to have a huge (and random) bird’s nest due to excessive line twist. Instead of having to waste a bunch of fishing time to pick it all out and possibly re-spool the fishing reel, I’d just grab another cheap spinning reel from my bag and get back to fishing.

I really don’t think you’re going to have to worry about that with this reel. There aren’t many spinning reels I’ve tested that feel this smooth throughout the entire casting process. It’s not the most lightweight spinning reel on the market but it’s castability makes it quite impressive to me.