Impressive castability, especially with smaller lures


I fish a lot of smaller crankbaits throughout much of the year. A lot of folks prefer them in cold water but I also like ’em when the water temperatures get near the 90-degree mark. As the bass get lethargic during the heat of the summer, something about a more subtle profile seems to do the trick for me. 

I purposely rigged a 1.0 Strike King KVD HC Squarebill onto the Piscifun Alloy M casting reel. Measuring just 2 inches and weighing a diminutive 1/4 ounce, it can be a booger to cast without the right setup. 

Even with 15-pound fluorocarbon, I was incredibly impressed by both the casting distance and accuracy while using the Alloy M. Its magnetic braking system has 12 magnets which allow for quick and easy adjustments on the fly. I honestly haven’t used the braking system a whole lot because even without the brakes applied, this reel casts like a dream. 

Due to this castability and its affordable price point, I can see this reel being an excellent option for both beginners and more experienced anglers. If I were to blindfold you and have you cast this reel, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t guess it was just $90.