I’m pretty sure it’s the lightest rod I own

bass fishing rod in fisherman's hand

I own a lot of bass fishing rods and as I mentioned earlier, I’ve tested a whole bunch of them throughout my career. Other than some Japanese prototype rod (I have no idea what the name of it was) that I used while topwater fishing with Sealock on Kentucky Lake years ago, this honestly might be the lightest rod I’ve ever held in my hands. No, I haven’t weighed it and I’m not going to; I don’t really get into all that kind of stuff. But by pure feel, I don’t think there is a fishing rod in my boat shop that is lighter than this one.

This rod is said to contain a proprietary mix of carbon and graphite and each rod goes through 20 quality control inspections. I have been using it a lot lately and this thing feels incredible in my hands. I’ve actually been a little scared to break it because its weightlessness just makes it feel a bit dainty in my hands but after swinging some fish over the gunnel and fighting several bass on it, I have developed a lot of confidence in its strength and durability. It’s almost weird to feel a rod that’s so light, yet so sturdy feeling.