I’m a believer in the scent


I don’t want to start a whole scent argument here. Personally speaking, however, I haven’t been a huge scent guy for most of my life. I’ve messed around with it a little bit and I never really noticed a huge difference in the number of bites I get. I’ve always thought that scent simply makes the fish hold on longer. I don’t know if it actually attracts bass, if that makes sense. 

While I’m still in limbo on all of this, there have been a few times when I can only get bit on this particular stick worm. Maybe it’s all by happenstance; I really can’t say for sure. But it has definitely been enough for me to raise an eyebrow, take mental notes and bore my wife with scent theories at the dinner table. 

When they bite The General, you can hardly shake ’em off. Before you ask… yes, I have tried to shake fish off while testing this worm. They just eat it. You could hook a fish on this worm with a Snoopy pole, give it to a toddler and they probably wouldn’t lose the fish. It’s something myself and a lot of my buddies agree on. There’s something to the whole Powerbait thing. I wouldn’t have ordered a bunch more last week if I didn’t believe that.