If they bite, they get in the boat


There are several factors that give the Small Dog one of the best hookup ratios I’ve ever experienced in a frog: Size, leg length, eye size, collapsibility and straight-up meat hooks.

The size might be the most obvious factor of the three. It’s a small frog and even though I gave you the measurements, you still might be surprised when you take it out of the pack. There isn’t any room for short-striking this frog, especially with the much shorter-than-normal leg length. It’s the perfect size imitation of small bluegill a bass would eat, so not only is it a natural size for a bass, but when they bite it, they absolutely inhale it. You will have very few short-strikes fishing the Small Dog.

The eyes on this frog are huge which, in my mind, give the bass something that’s easy to hone-in on. I think some frog manufacturers get way too carried away with the aesthetics of a frog. The fish can’t see the back of the frog so I don’t really care what it looks like. I care about the belly color and the eye size and while this isn’t the sexiest frog on the market, it sure gets a bunch of bites and I think those big ol’ eyes have something to do with it.

It’s also one of the softest frogs you’re going to run across which will benefit anyone who uses it. I can see it being especially beneficial to anglers who put it on spinning gear. Those spinning rods don’t have a whole lot of “pop” on the hookset but I think the impressive collapsibility of this frog will almost make that a non-factor.

Lastly, the hooks aren’t some cheap, flimsy bargain bin hooks. The Small Dog is equipped with a meaty 4/0 Owner Double Frog Hook. You can set the hook as hard as you want and you won’t bend ’em or break ’em.