I think I’ve finally found a line storage solution

bass fishing line in a tackle bag

I hate the thought of storing fishing line in my boat. In my shop, I can hang the spools on pegboard and everything looks clean as a whistle. But when it comes to keeping excess “emergency” line in my boat, I’ve never had a clue what to do. I normally store in my back port-side compartment and I’d have line all over the place. I’d dig back there to grab a rain jacket or a hoodie and there would be all kinds of fishing line wrapped around my stuff.

The Buzbe Quik Qube, however, has given me a much easier way to store my line. I really like the transparent viewing window so I can see exactly what I’m grabbing at all times. I’ve tried storing excess spools in small plastic bins and they just took up way too much room. I’ve also tried storing spools in gallon-sized plastic bags and they’d rip within just a few weeks of use. This tackle bag has proven to be tough as nails and I never have to worry about any ripping or tearing. It also has a small footprint which allows me to stuff it into small places in my boat.