I think it will change electronics sponsorships


Don’t be surprised when you start seeing more professional anglers opt to become “free agents” in regards to their electronics. With so much incredible technology out there from several brands, it forces the pro anglers to make a tough decision.

Do they stick with one brand and not have access to every available technology? Or do they bite the bullet, eat the cost of getting their own electronics in order to utilize every technology possible? We’ve already seen guys like Jacob Wheeler, one of the best anglers in the entire world, choose to become a free agent. I would expect you’re going to see a lot more of that this upcoming season as well.

This could also spur an influx of anglers choosing to sign deals with electronics dealers instead of electronics manufacturers. Essentially, the dealer will buy whatever electronics the angler wants and install them in exchange for sponsorship. This will free up a lot of anglers and allow them to talk about any brand or technology they desire following a high finish.

There’s absolutely no doubt that each of the manufacturers have incredible technology that makes their units special. Anglers are going to have to make a decision and choose what is most important to them.