I Really Like the Miyagi Swim in the Winter


I hadn’t realized how special the swimbait was until fishing it in two winters. I took a high school angler out last winter and we asking about swimbaits. So I rigged one up and pulled up to the first deep, clear channel swing near where we had been cranking up a lot shallower. I scanned around for a bit to see how the bait was laying. Spun the boat around and made one cast, and this fish was the result.

I caught several more good ones doing that. Then this winter I got it back out and pulled up on a place where I had been catching yellow bass on spoons. I backed off and swam the Miyagi Swimmer out in 35 feet of water and caught a 4-pound bass where I had just been snatching on yellow bass and white bass. 

Call me slow I guess, but it finally clicked how good this bait is in the winter, when you often have to downsize because bigger boot tail soft plastic swimbaits just won’t kick well in cold water at ultra slow speeds.