I found some fancy light bulbs

LED lightbulb for fluorescent fixture

I definitely want new light fixtures in my shop; my father-in-law has some really nice ones I want to get. But I’m not quite sure if my lovely wife wants me to spend upwards of $600 on new light fixtures for my shop instead of a new fixture for our master bathroom vanity. If you’re married, you totally understand what I mean.

That ain’t no hill for a climber because I try to be as resourceful as possible. So for now, I’m keeping my sawdust-covered light fixtures and just changing the bulbs temporarily. I knew I wanted to switch to an LED light from those nasty fluorescents so I went to Lowe’s a few weekends ago to check out the selection.

Maybe I’m just behind the times and totally clueless (I wouldn’t bet against it) but I found some sweet bulbs for a great price. I got some GE T8/T12 LED bulbs with a three-way color selector switch included on them. They fit right where your old fluorescent ones were and once you put ‘em in, there’s a three-way switch that allows you to choose the brightness and color of each bulb. For me, that’s a big deal since I’m always taking work photos in my shop. But based on the ambient light coming from the outside of the shop, a quick flip of these switches can relieve your eyes and make a big difference when you’re rigging tackle. For the 48-inch size, I think I paid a hair under $18 for them.