I didn’t expect this much sensitivity


I honestly expected half of this sensitivity for a $99 rod. But I’m telling you… this rod is one of the more sensitive ones in my boat and that’s no fib. If you were to blindfold me and let me fish with this rod, I’d guess that it costs over $200. 

When I do finesse fish, I don’t get too carried away with all the trendy techniques. But man, do I sure love to fish a wacky rig. That dang rig catches ’em when a lot of other stuff fails. When I twitch the wacky rig on slack line, I can actually feel the stick worm undulate as it falls to the bottom on total slack. I can feel it rock back and forth and glide on the fall. 

Lots of your finesse bites are going to come on the fall and it’s tough to feel ’em sometimes. I have felt, however, every bite on this rod with ease. If you disregard the lower price point, you’d think you’re fishing a much more expensive spinning rod.