I decided I wanted to fish out of an aluminum again for a variety of reasons of which I’ll share a few. I haven’t ran an aluminum boat in more than 16 years, but a lot has changed in the aluminum boat space as there are many equally competitive aluminum options for fishing at a high level includingXpress BoatsLund BoatsCrestliner Boats, and more.

Fishing the last few years for me has also changed. Partially because the bass fishing took a nose dive on Kentucky Lake and partially because I’ve had declining health issues. We also at the same time have been trying to add more crappie content to Wired2fish, so I’ve taken that responsibility on personally to help grow that content library on our site.

So I came up with a list of things that would be important to me in choosing my next boat. Things like getting up and down 50-70 times a day to fish. The way fishing has been, you have to run around and hit maybe 50-80 pieces of cover in a day to catch fish. That’s a lot of up and down running and gunning. So a boat that can get up quick and hop around easily would be important.

I wanted something other than carpet on the deck. I was really set on having SeaDek on my next boat and that pushed my decision a lot. I have rheumatoid arthritis which is a fairly aggressive type of arthritis. I also have been dealing with two bulged discs and one herniated disc for going on 3 years now. And surgery is likely in my near future. So something a little easier to stand and get up and down on factored into it.

I have been fishing shallow a lot more, and I wanted something I could get back in the thick stuff and maneuver around easily in inches of water. While I’m a good deep water fisherman, I grew up fishing shallow and have fished shallow a lot more recently because I can’t take the abuse a lot of times on the main lake when it gets up. So I will tuck into a creek and fish there all day running around and hitting every piece of cover in there.

I wanted low maintenance. I don’t want to worry about scratched and dinged up fiberglass. I don’t want to have to worry about hard water oxidation, overheating and rash under boat covers or carpet burning, getting stained and drying up. I want to be able to pull up on a bank if I need to and not worry about destroying my fiberglass when I do.

I have been traveling to fish more. Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi and beyond. So having a boat that was easy to tow down to the next lake was a big consideration too.

There were other factors I considered, but these were some of the most important to me at this time.