I actually want to fish a jerkbait now


Before I get started, I’ll come out and say it: I’ve never been a huge fan of jerkbait fishing. It makes my hand cramp, I lose a bunch of fish and I could never find the right rod. I had actually resorted to using my cranking rods to fish jerkbaits. My system was all out of whack. 

Even though jerkbaits aren’t my favorite, they catch the fire out of big bass. I feel like I’ve been missing out on fish catches because of my disdain for jerking. 

But things change. I heard about this rod and figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to try it out. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my new favorite jerkbait rod: The Lew’s Custom Plus Speed Stick Jerkbait Special

This is a good one, folks. To my surprise, it has actually made me enjoy fishing a jerkbait. I’ll run down the things that I think are most noteworthy about this rod.