Hybrid grips

bass fishing rod butt

I like what Halo did with the grips on these rods. I’m not going to say no other rod company does this, but this is the first I’ve paid any attention to a company using this kind of hybrid handle made with EVA foam and what they call Sensi-Touch rings, which appear to be some sort of cork composite-type material. I also reviewed Halo’s HFX Series Rods a few months ago and they use this same technology.

Halo’s reasoning is that it increases the sensitivity of the grip. I’m certainly not going to say it doesn’t, but I personally just like the way it looks and feels. The mixture of different materials has a nice look to it and it also enhances the grip in my opinion over just a straight EVA foam handle or a straight cork handle. Having the Sensi-Touch rings built into the EVA foam just gives the grip a nice feel.