How to use the bait and recommended gear

feathered treble hook on bass fishing lure

The Rapala X-Rap Prop 11 is a bait that’s intended to be twitched along in a fairly straight line, with intermittent pauses between twitches. You can walk this bait a little bit side to side as you twitch it along, but that’s not really the intended action. Though if you do have a fish boil on the bait and miss it on the initial swipe, you can twitch it in place fairly well and give the bass a second chance at it.

As far as the gear you’ll want to use, I prefer braided line personally on this bait and others like it simply because I can cast the bait farther and pull fish out of cover better with braid than I can with monofilament. But the flip side to that is that you’ll want to use a fairly soft rod like a 7-foot, medium-heavy and make sure you’re ready to back off your drag a bit as the fish nears the boat. The hooks are great, but you can straighten almost any hook out with braided line and a tight drag if you’re not careful. So just be aware of that.