How to rig it


The Cat 3 Tackle Bladed Teaser comes with bobber stoppers, which can be used to hold the teaser in place by putting one above the teaser and another below. Then, simply slide your teaser and bobber stoppers up and down your line until you have them the desired distance away from your bait. But there are many ways to rig this teaser onto your line and some actually work better than others.

Again, when I caught them on the swimbait I was just letting the teaser come all the way down to the line tie of my jig head. This still allowed the blades to spin freely but the prop didn’t turn all that smoothy.

Using a bobber stopper above and below the teaser will get it away from your bait a little but if you really want the prop to turn at its max capacity, you’ll need to add something else to the mix. Adding a glass bead between the teaser and the bobber stopper closest to your bait will allow the prop to spin much better. It’s also worth noting that when putting the prop on your line, there’s a top and a bottom. You can tell which is which by the cup in the center of the prop. The bottom of the prop has a cup to it and this cup should be pointed in the direction of the lure you’re using it with.