How to fish it

topwater bass fising lure in hand

You can walk this bait side to side, but that’s not really the way I personally fish it most of the time. To me, this bait is better suited to be reeled straight in. This makes the bait fish similarly to a wakebait, with a subtle rocking left to right as the blade clanks along beneath the bait. If you have a fish wake on the bait but not bite it, it might be a good idea to pause it and walk it back and forth a bit, but typically I like to just keep it moving to generate a slow and steady wake.

When fished this way, it makes me think of a finesse substitute for a Whopper Plopper or another reeling-style prop bait. The Mischief Minnow isn’t nearly as loud as a Whopper Plopper but that’s what makes it a good substitute if the fish are just boiling on a Plopper and not eating it.

The Mischief Minnow is less aggressive but still has a lot of drawing power as it wakes along and the blade flashes and clanks on the belly of the bait. So this is a great bait to parallel banks with and fish through treetops, same as you would a Whopper Plopper or other topwater. It just gives you something quite different to try.