How to change your frog hook

changing frog hook for fishing

This is where a new frog hook to hit the market has given us an alternative. The Ryugi Custom Frog Hook comes two to a pack for $9.49 and is available in two sizes, 3/0 and 4/0. I was put onto this hook and the process of swapping out a stock hook for it by my buddy Tom Frink. Prior to then, I never really thought about swapping a frog hook like this.

The process is fairly simple, though. You just take a piece of braided line and tie it to the frog’s line tie eye. Then hold the body of the frog tight and pull on the bends of the hooks to pop the stock hook and line tie assembly out of the tail-end of the frog. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and open up the bottom of the line tie assembly to slide the old hook off and the new hook on. Pinch that back shut. Then pull on the end of the braid that’s sticking out of the frog’s nose and the hook should slide back up into the body of the frog until the eye of the line tie pops out of its nose. That’s it for most frogs.

Again, this hook comes in two sizes. The 4/0 Ryugi Custom Frog Hook fits most “normal” size walking frogs and the 3/0 suits most popping frogs well. If you’re uncertain though, you should be able to find out what size hook comes stock in the frog your working with by looking on the original packaging of the frog or doing a quick Google search.