How Frink rigs the Black Bean Rig

black bean rig for bass fishing

Frink starts off by putting a bobber stopper on his line. He then runs his line through the insert of the weight. With lighter weights, he then simply ties on a hook and rigs up his preferred soft plastic, pulling the bobber stopper and the weight down near the eye of the hook and the soft plastic.

“If I’m using a heavier weight, I’ll put another bobber stop between the weight and the hook to protect the knot,” said Frink. “Then I’ll tie the hook on.”

Using a bobber stopper to protect the knot is a good idea with heavier weights. It also allows you to modify this rig a bit on the fly and create a short Carolina rig of sorts, by sliding the weight and both bobber stoppers up your line 10 or 12 inches.

Frink has actually been trying something similar out with this rig as well, but with only the top bobber stopper in place and using a lighter weight. By sliding the bobber stopper up his line about 10 inches, he can essentially create a Free Rig on the fly. This allows his bait to float and drift around a bit behind the weight, which gives the bait a more natural look. This variation of the Black Ben Rig was responsible for a 4-pounder Frink caught on day 2 of the 2022 Bassmaster Open on Lake Toho.