How does it walk?


Well, for a walking-style hollow body frog, there’s really no place else to start a review than with this simple question and I’m pleased to report this is one of the easiest frogs to walk that I have ever fished with. I’ve fished a frog a lot over the years; I absolutely love to fish a frog. And, with a little time, I can nail down a pretty good cadence to get any of them to walk reasonably well. There wasn’t much time needed with the Z-Man Leap FrogZ, however.

I fished the bait straight out of the pack, without trimming the legs, and it walked super easy. I honestly believe this is the easiest frog to walk I’ve ever fished with. It has a nice keel to the belly of it, which plays a big part in how well a frog walks. If the belly is too flat, the bait is harder to walk. But if the keel has too sharp of a V, the bait is hard to skip. Another pleasant report coming.