Hotspot No. 4: Isolated boat docks adjacent to deep water


Now, not all paper contour maps are going to show you every boat dock. But if you use Navionics WebApp (totally free and I have it bookmarked on all my devices), you’ll be able to see the locations of most, if not all, of the boat docks on your lake. Isolated boat docks, much like the channel-swing brush piles we just discussed, concentrate big fish. You can have the ugliest stretch of bank in the world, but if there’s one dock sitting by itself, you can bet your butt a bass will be sitting somewhere underneath it.

Adjacent deep water simply sweetens the deal. You’re going to find these honey-hole docks near the mouths of short pockets and on the main lake. It’s important to note that the boat dock itself doesn’t have to be deep. Heck, it can be sitting in four feet of water. Just as long as there’s 15 or so feet of water within a long cast of the dock, you’re good to go.

You’ll also have a lot more luck fishing south-facing isolated docks. These docks get a lot more sun throughout the day, which attracts both forage and bass. In addition, the increased sunlight makes more pronounced shadows underneath and around the dock, which makes it easier to identify the most likely hiding spots of nearby bass.