Hookup ratio


Though the most important characteristic of a frog is the action, the second most is really equally important; that being the hookup ratio. If a frog can get bit but not hook the fish and keep it pinned, what’s the point? I’m happy to report that this is another area where the Trash Panda Poppin’ Frog excels. It has a bold 4/0 hook that does a great job sticking the fish.

Also worth pointing out about the hook is that I didn’t bend it up when I first tied it on. With most, perhaps even all the hollow body frogs I’ve ever fished, I’ve always bent the shaft of both hooks slightly so that the hook point’s trajectory doesn’t run parallel to the back of the bait but instead points slightly upward. But as you can see here, this is how the Trash Panda’s hook came stock, already at that slight upward trajectory. So I was really I pressed by that and the hookup ratio was on par with the other frogs I fish which I do bend the hook up on.