Hooks, sizes and color choices

treble hook of a topwater bass fishing lure

The Mischief Minnow comes stock with a quality set of round-bend Gamakatsu hooks. Round bend hooks are a good selection for a bait like this. Not only do they hook a fish well if it actually eats the bait, but the wide gap from the round bend also does a good job of sticking a fish if it’s simply swiping at the bait to try to run it off or stun it.

This bait comes in two sizes, a 3 1/2-inch version as well as a 4 1/2-inch version. I tested out the larger of the two and it’s not too big by any means. A great size bait for catching keepers as well as triggering strikes from big ones. I would be interested in trying out the smaller bait as well, as it might work better when fishing around smaller baitfish, like shad in the fall, for instance.

Depending on where you shop, this bait comes in several color choices. There are 4 colors available on Tackle Warehouse and 15 options in total if you buy direct from the American Baitworks site. There you’ll find several of the color selections come with painted blades to match the colors of the baits. And then some of the more natural-looking color choices have plain silver blades attached to them.