Hooks, hardware and a spare tail


The components Hardcore used to put this bait together are top notch. Big, wide-gap treble hooks to reach out and grab a swiping bass paired with heavy-duty hook hangers and split rings have the business-end of this bait ready for war. A strong line tie and a double-stacked hinge system also ensure this bait is up to the task when a big bite comes.

I like that the hooks come covered with little rubber hosing as well, in case you wanted to put a few in a tackle box together. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about the baits scratching up their own paint job or the paint on others. One of the big challenges with big baits is figuring out an effective and affordable way to store them. So even though this is the least expensive thing they did with the bait, I think it’s worth pointing out because it helps protect it in the long run if you simply choose to leave the hooks covered til you get ready to use the bait.