Hooks and splits rings


The MR 60F is loaded down with good hardware front to back. Three black nickel split rings serve as hook hangers and the line tie. Two super-sharp black nickel round bend hooks hang from the bait, ready to stick to whatever swims by. These hooks are a fairly thin wire hook, which I like on a crankbait this size.

If I were fishing a squarebill or lipless, I’d likely bump these hooks up a notch or two to a bolder, stronger short-shank triple grip-style hook. But for a bait in this depth range, I’m not usually worried about wrestling the fish out of wood like I would be with the squarebill or pulling them out of thick vegetation like I would be with a lipless. Instead, I’m typically fishing a bait like this in fairly open-water scenarios with a clean or rocky bottom. Having a thinner wire hook allows for softer hooksets and better hookup ratios when fishing in cooler water when fish might just swat at a bait like this.