Hooks and split rings

bass fishing glide bait

The hardware 13 Fishing went with for the Glidesdale is top notch. With heavy-duty hook hangers, thick split rings and large No. 1 round-bend trebles, the Glidesdale has everything it needs to haul a big one to the boat. The round-bend hooks are a good selection for this bait as the round bend offers up a wider gap between hook point and hook shaft compared to other trebles. This is important since most fish take a swing at a glide bait and don’t really eat the whole thing. Round-bend hooks give you the best chance of hooking up with a bass that’s swiping like this.

I really like the oval split ring on the front of the bait. Adding a split ring here gives the bait one more hinge point to allow for maximum action compared to tying a knot directly to the eye. The oval shape of this split ring in particular is really nice; oval split rings are better than round ones because your knot stays in the bend of the split ring and doesn’t run the risk of getting up against the sharp end of the wire of the ring. With round split rings, the knot often works its way around to the place where the ring comes together and the sharp end of the wire can damage a knot.